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Death Becomes Him

Richmond artist Noah Scalin just released this amazing book, Skulls. It might sound strange but it’s actually quite beautiful. It all began when he decided to create a skull each day for a year and record them on his blog I ran into him at Richmond’s First Friday Artwalk last week and he said he’s always had a fascination with skulls (he showed me a skull ring and his skull chest tattoo to prove it). The images in the book are fun and surprising – skulls made of soap, police caution tape, petroleum jelly, cotton balls, feathers, hair, coco puffs for gods sake! Pictured above are the vegetable and Vegemite skulls. (A fan from Australia sent him a jar.)  A testament to creativity and finding art in the everyday. There’s something about art made from everyday things that grabs me. Now it’s your turn, the next phase of his project is getting people to submit their own.



  1. Liz

    I got into his blog shortly after the launch of the Skull-a-Day project, and it was one of my favorite reads each day. So cool!

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