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Barry Dixon Kicks Some Knowledge

Barry Dixon is the type of person you want around. He’s poised, articulate and smart. Smart enough to turn down Dick Chaney. Although, truth be told, he says he just didn’t have the time.

The D.C. interior designer visited Richmond last week to speak about his work and the secrets of his success. Interestingly he’s one of those people who has no secrets. He’s just good at what he does, almost intellectual about his interiors — so people, magazines, book publishers, furniture and fabric manufacturers come to him, and want him on their team.

Part of what makes his approach so unique is that it ‘s global, if a bit Eastern leaning. As a child he lived in Korea, Pakistan, India, New Caledonia (a French island in the South Pacific) and South Africa and he incorporates those experiences into his rooms, not to mention actual antiques he brings back from his travels, singapore, France, wherever the lucky stiff finds himself. The photo above is the sitting room of his Warrenton, Va. estate. During his slide show one room that stood out was a porch with four club chairs and a round breakfast table. He designed the table so it would also crank down to a coffee table so the chairs could face the view. Brilliant. It’s all even better told through Dixon’s soft Tennessee twang, with his blazer-jeans-pocket-square bon vivant persona, it’s no wonder he’s hot. Oh and a book, Barry Dixon Interiors, just came out of his work, too.


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