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NY Times Likes Pumpkin Pie

Richmond native Clay McLeod Chapman is a creepy, creepy guy. His short stories start out normal enough – a school kid, a housewife, a nurse, talking in the first person – but they always twist into a macabre O’Henry ending. The kid jerks off in class, the housewife has a crush on a death row inmate, the nurse marries dying soldiers. Chapman and his troupe of actors perform these short story/monologues, often with equally eerie songs, in what he calls “The Pumpkin Pie Show.” I wrote a profile of him in Style Weekly in 2005 when one of his stories was turned into a short film that went to Sundance. Today he got a glowing review in The New York Times. The current show runs through Nov. 1 at Under St. Marks, 94 St. Marks Place, East Village, (212) 868-4444. Check him out.


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