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Tres Blessed

There just aren’t enough adjectives to describe the Tres Leches cake at Richmond Cuban spot Kuba Kuba, but heavenly, moist-as-hell, and damned delicious are a good start. This cute bodega-cafe run by chef Manny Mendez is a local favorite and great spot to bring out-of-towners. That’s exactly what happened last week when a group of friends and family gathered there to celebrate my birthday. Very lucky for me. Below you’ll see the aformentioned cake glowing because it’s pretty much angelic, with Manny proudly looking on from the left corner.


Manny’s mother bakes them fresh each morning. What are the tres ingredients, you ask? Condensed milk, evaporated milk and heavy cream. Not for the lactose intollerant. My heart goes out to them.


Next time: the California Huevos Rancheros…


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  1. Nothing beats a yummy cuban meal, espcially dessert, for a birthday celebration! Arroz con leche (essentially rice pudding cuban style) is a favorite of mine these days.

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