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Your Fluffy Valentine

If licking and cuddling from a four-legged friend is the only love you’re getting this Valentine’s Day, enjoy it! And celebrate with art.


Sherry and John Petersik, who write This Young House, a great blog about their adventures in decorating, are creative beehives. They’ve developed this cute line of pet silhouettes in sweet, modern colors. And since the silhouette’s are in white verses the traditional black, they have a fresh, mod feel. And $20 for an 8 x 10 will run you not much more than a box of chocolates. Although if you’re hanging with the pooch this V-Day, treat yourself to some Godiva.

(If you’re in Richmond, Quirk Gallery carries the line.)

Random History: Silhouettes came about in the late 18th century in France as an inexpensive way to have a portrait done and are named after Louis XV’s finance minister who was notoriously cheap.


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