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“Bubba Likes Trees”

A friend decided to impart this particular nugget about her boyfriend, Bubba, while taking a road trip during college, and boy did that stick with her. But, you know, Bubba has a point. I was reminded of this notorious quote recently when I spotted this amazing house on interior designer Amanda Nisbet‘s web site.


Nothing can make a house like trees.

woodlandbridgeI wrote about this eco-friendly house in the Woodland Heights neighborhood in Richmond several years ago. Architect Patrick Farley designed the structure, and its bridge-entrance, narrow enough to squeeze between mature trees on the property. The owner helped maintain the character of the ‘hood by building around the land’s already existing occupants. How refreshing. Apparently he liked trees, too. 

In other tree news

The new book, Remarkable Trees of Virginia, is a reminder that big, old trees have personalities, too. A forestry professor and horticulturist spent two years seeking out the biggest, oldest, most unique and culturally significant trees in the treebook-jacketstate. People could submit their suggestions and the resulting 200-page book is filled with magical photographs by landscape photographer Robert Llewellyn.

On the cover, a boy plays around an ancient Tulip Poplar tree in Richmond’s Maymont park.

Yesterday I spotted blooms on our dogwood and even better, a cherry tree in our neighbor’s yard. The cherry is boring 50 weeks of the year but when it blooms for those precious two weeks each March/April, life is good. I mean really, I’m literally happier. I sit on the porch and stare at it a lot. Last year I decided I’d rather have that ephemeral beauty than a year of lackluster leaves. Isn’t the fact that it’s not around all year what makes it better?blossomdc

Some day I’ll check out the Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington, D.C. This year it’s March 28-April 12.


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