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Outsider Art with Heart Sewn to Sleeve


Hey everybody, we’re now curating art! Since I’m passionate about art and want to share the inspiring artists I’ve come across, I’ve decided to begin a series of featured artist profiles accompanied by 5-piece art shows. All work will be under $2,000 and available for sale in the Culture Fix Gallery. Think of it as a virtual gallery where you get to meet the artist.

Meet Our April Featured Artist: Chris Milk Hulburt

Chris Milk is a theatrical sort. His writings are poetic. His nails are painted. His art is sweet and tells the story of sunny afternoons riding through historic Richmond, Va. neighborhoods on a bike, or curled with a lover. He even performs in a puppet show.

He lives and paints with three cats in an old home in Richmond’s Oregon Hill neighborhood. The sofa was recently cleared out and he’s now trying to unload a coffee table made from bowling-alley floorboards. He’s decluttering to make room for his sewing machine. He makes the puppets he performs with, the clothes they wear and some of his own clothes. Most everything he touches has been created or reshaped by him, including the vest he’s wearing in the above photo.

Hulburt is also one of the first artists whose work I bought, that’s one reason I asked him to be the first featured artist on Culture Fix. Another reason is because, while he’s well known in Richmond, having worked as an artist here for many years, he’s a bit of a hidden secret and I thought we should share.

You say you paint the in-between moments. What’s significant about that time for you?

“I like to think there is some narrative to all my work, but hopefully it is that quiet moment preceding, or following, something sad or wonderful. I think the actual occurrence of action is less interesting than its aftermath. Or the innocent minute before.”

Tell me about this painting:

“‘Kiss, with Gold’ came straight from sketchbook pages, too. A lovely moment, spent by the river’s edge. That girls gone, too. The memory remains. The gold pays homage to little minutes, lost.”

“Kiss, with Gold” $300
House paint with gold leaf on board, 19 1/2 by 22 1/4 inches.
To purchase, email

For more on Chris, visit his site or blog. Portrait by Ash Daniel Photography.

Know of an artist worthy of being featured? Email



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