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April Artist Chris Milk, Day 2

I’ve asked Chris five questions that we’ll release over a series of days with a piece of work each day. See all five paintings in the gallery or read Day 1 here.


What’s the oddest, funniest, nicest thing someone has said to you about your work?

“The only reaction to art, music, that I will stand behind, is that of honest affinity. For someone to say, “I love this painting because I love it.” That’s all I want to hear.
Sometimes folks will say, “Your work is so fun.  I would like never to hear that again.”


“The Hummingbird, I painted on my easel, and it became a friend,
floating next to the panels painted to the left, and right of it, over the course of a year. Again, here comes saw. Freed from the easel, hummingbird gets
his chance to shine, or fly, really, on his own.”

For more on Chris, visit his site or blog. Portrait by Ash Daniel Photography.


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