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Inspiration Found!

img_5795A Does this look familiar? It does if you read my post a few months back about Ed Trask’s show at Farmville’s J. Fergeson Gallery. On Friday I was driving in the East End of Richmond going to Rockett’s Landing, a new waterfront condo development, when I spotted this odd tower and was lucky enough to catch it just as graffiti-strewn cars were rolling by.


I like Ed’s interpretation a lot better. Here he is with “Flowers and Bones” his six-panel painting that goes for $12,000. He told Juxtapose magazine: “The bones are the old buildings and trains, the areas around the city that are forgotten. … The flowers are the graffiti on the train, any light that’s brought to this is through the graffiti. This is an old area and one of the most exciting things to watch here is a train full of graffiti go past.”


This was a cool shot, too, maybe he’ll paint this next. What do you think, Ed? Maybe we should lobby him a la Colbert.

For more on Ed’s work, check out his new site. Or read the Juxtapose piece.



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