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The Best of Richmond: A Filling Farewell

I was asked a sort of dying wish, repeatedly, during my last few weeks in Richmond, Va. Where do you want to eat before you go? But after 10 years in Richmond, it was just too hard to decide. Did I want a Chiocca’s Chicken Coup sub? Of course. The lobster puff-pastry egg dish at Millie’s Diner? Heck yeah. White bean, garlic, arugula heaven at Mamma Zu? Absolutely. But alas, there was neither time nor money for everything. But luckily I did get to a few last suppers.

KubaKubaLunchColorful Cuban spot Kuba Kuba served the most satisfying send-off lunch. My friend and I hungrily ordered black-bean soup and avocado salad (she) and a pressed Cuban sandwich and salad (me). At any lesser establishment there would have been plenty of elbow room. But god love Kuba Kuba. Your arteries, not so much.

TresLechesFor dessert, I couldn’t pass up Kuba Kuba’s famous tres leches cake made by the owner’s mom. (An interesting aside: My office was nice enough to try and order an entire tres leches cake for my send off but the cakes were booked two months out!) So naturally, I had to take matters into my own hands (and mouth).

CanCanSendOffBrunchAnother memorable send off took place over a leisurely brunch at Can Can Brasserie. What started off innocently enough with coffee and croissants soon took a turn when Champagne, oysters and pomme frites joined the party. There may have even been a cheeseburger on the table. But no shame here:  Can Can makes one hell of a cheeseburger. I hope I always remember that three-hour brunch with great friends, food and all of Richmond walking up Carytown past the window next to us.

Now I’m off to do some eating in New York.



  1. Liz

    Sing it, sister! I put on a good 10 pounds on our Richmond farewell tour. Kuba Kuba and Mamma Zu were both on the list, but we did just as much damage at Comfort, Edo’s, Millie’s and even (shhh) Mexico. Hopefully you’ll find that Brooklyn – like Cape Town – has its own long list of worthy eats. Bon apetit!

  2. Thanks for the kind words and the link back to the web site.

    We have placed a link back to your blog under our news section.

    Best of luck in NYC.

    Tim Chiocca

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