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Brooklyn is the New Richmond

We’ve moved!
Goodbye to our adorable but small-for-Richmond 1,000-square-foot house


and hello 500-square-foot, third-floor-walkup apartment in Brooklyn.
(Half the size and twice the price!)UnionSt

Here’s our new kitchen complete with tiny stove, tiny refrigerator and itty-bitty sink. That’s a magnolia from our old front yard (behind the moving van in the photo). And our new local paper has a way with words, love the headline:
“Cat-Astrophe!”2009_06 New York 289- kitchen

Our street is full of brownstones and giant, slate-slab sidewalks. 2009_06 New York 367-street view

And here’s the view from our roof which we have access to (yay!) but need to climb through a scary hatch to get there (boo!) But check out the view of the city in the hazy distance.2009_06 New York 368-roof

So the CultureFix center of gravity has shifted as I’ll now be blogging from Brooklyn. But I might find a thing or two to write about around here…



  1. gochrisgo75

    Welcome to Brooklyn! I hope you do try a roof garden!

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