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Hibiscus Tea Me

Hibiscus TeaAfter a bike ride to the Fort Greene’s Brooklyn Flea on Saturday I was darn parched so I rolled up to these fine ladies doling out exotic tonic and got myself a frosty glass of …  hibiscus tea!

The taste: Slightly sweet, a bit tart, a little cranberryish. Perfect at $2.

The Effect: People drink hibiscus tea all over the world, especially in the Middle East, Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean. It’s sometimes used as a mild medicine and it’s been found to reduce cholesterol and blood pressure. Even better.


Turns Out: People drink all sorts of juices around these parts. Take a gander at the juice section of the local Key Food supermarket in Park Slope. Tamarind juice(!) aloe vera drink(?) and passion fruit drink each for the cost of a can of Coke.

Now take me to the exotic pickle aisle, I know it’s around here somewhere.



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