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Brunch Porn for Your Weekend Enjoyment


This weekend don’t forget the most important meal of the week. Here’s a mouth-watering example of it’s import: two poached eggs over cheese grits with house made pork sausage and smoked pork jus. And of course a savory bloody Mary.

CookshopOutsideThis week’s brunch porn is from Cookshop in Chelsea, N.Y.

What’s your favorite brunch spot?



  1. Big Pipes

    Olea in Fort Greene. Green Eggs and Lamb make me drool.

  2. Phil

    Thought that looked somewhat familiar. Cookshop’s sister, Hundred Acres in SoHo serves a fantastic brunch and the best biscuits anywhere.

  3. culturefix

    I’ve been dying to give that place a try. This is perfect incentive! Or if you make it before me, send me a photo. I’ve got a guest “Brunch Porn” coming up.

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