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Fall’s Hottest Design Trends

tatoo platesEverything for the home from dinnerware designed by Angelina Jolie’s tatoo-artist (left), to South African-made wool ottomans that looked like stones, were presented to buyers and interior designers and the press at the N.Y. Gift Fair last week.

Buying ramped up a bit according to this — very hurt — segment of the market. The general consensus was more hopeful than at the previous, January market.

chandelierAnd, as always, trends surfaced: Wool felt, green goods and wall stickers (like this chandelier sticker) were hot, hot, hot. Read more in my post about the fair’s Top 3 Design Trends for the fall at RentedSpaces, or my posts for R•Home magazine on what Richmond shop owners were eyeing here, here and here.



  1. Interesting…I’ve been so reluctant to put some up in fear that it will be crooked! Are they had to put up?

  2. culturefix

    There’s one company called Surface Graphics that comes with a clear overlay sheet so it’s easier to apply. The clear sheet guides the sticker so they proportions are correct then you pull back the clear sheet and only the sticker is on the wall.

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