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Designer Charlotte Moss and the Last Ballenchine Ballerina

new york city balletFew have the discipline for ballet. I just never had the concentration as a child. Too bad, because it’s looks pretty glamorous as seen through the eyes of New York City Ballet principle dancer Darci Kistler. I recently attended an amazing performance and discussion with Kistler at Lincoln Center’s David H. Koch Theater, the home to City Ballet, and wrote this piece for interior designer Charlotte Moss’s web site.

Moss is a bit of a curator, a woman constantly inspired by the world around her, and someone highly involved in the arts and other nonprofit causes. And better than just someone who is personally inspired, Moss wants to share her ideas with others on her great web site. And as any person involved in as much as Charlotte is (she’s currently two large home decorating projects and writing not one, but TWO books), she needed a little help, and I was very happy to lend a hand.

See my interview with Charlotte Moss about the ideal bedroom side table and musings on interior colors for the home and more.


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