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New York’s Best Building

grand central terminalIn honor of  National Architecture Week, which starts today, I thought I’d give a shout out to Grand Central Terminal. New York magazine just declared it New York’s greatest building and I have to agree. Some would argue it’s the Empire State Building. Eh, not me. Others the Chrysler Building. Now that I can see. Both are beautiful and grand in scale, but Grand Central wins out on one big factor: It’s a public space. And isn’t that just perfect that for a city where you’re forced, like it or not, to rub shoulders with folks all day long  that the city’s best building should be have such a spectacular indoor public space. I love the energy of that building.

Visiting? Check out a walking tour of Grand Central.

This cool image from The New York Times lets you move the slider to compare the building in 1978 and 2008. It hasn’t changed much. Love that.

image via Doobybrain

grand and above all, a public space. And how appro


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