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Mid-Week Escape: Uxua Brazilian Resort

Take me here now. PLEASE!

I’ve been following the progress of this sweet Brazilian resort and am so excited to finally share it. Uxua Casa Hotel has all the elements I love to find in a hotel: It’s lovingly created by a private owner, its dripping with local flavor and has a great design aesthetic. See, I’m not that hard to please.

Uxua Brazil resort

Here’s the deal: Uxua was started by the fashionable Wilbert Das, the former creative director of Diesel. He traveled to the remote Trancoso region of Brazil, fell in love with it, bought some property and decided to share his special place with a quiet Brazilian resort. And importantly, he also wanted to incorporate the village into his resort. He built the hotel so it would mesh with and even aid the community. Four of the hotel’s colorful “casitas” face the 1586 town square and were original fishermen cottages. In the 16th century missionaries cleared the rain forest to establish the town for the native people and apparently not a whole lot has changed over the years.

brazil resort uxua
Today, guests can watch locals do capoeira, the Brazilian martial-art in the town square, and take lessons from townspeople. Or they can go fishing for dinner then learn to clean and cook their catch in the local style. But mostly it’s the resort’s position on the town square that allows visitors to become a part of town life, at least for a week or two. Lets go, eh?

And of course the design is fantastic. Here are more photos of Uxua…Uxua Brazilian resortHere are the three casitas that face the town square, bright colors peeping through the trees, each with tables out front for chilin’ with a tasty caipirinha.

Uxua Brazilian resortI love this great lounge area in the Gulab Mahal casita with those sweet stained-glass windows and generous sofas. Looks like the perfect afternoon nap spot.

Uxua Brazilian resortI’m drawn to the earthy simplicity of the decor, and love those pops of color. They’re just enough to keep Uxua from becoming too zen. This is the adorable pink, Seu Pedrinho casita, pictured above covered in bougainvillea, which faces the square.

Uxua Brazilian resort
The 10th and newest casita which just opened, called Seu Irenio, has an amazing indoor/outdoor bath (you can just barely see in the corner) with a sink dug out of a recycled tree trunk.

Uxua Brazilian resortLocal artisans repurposed much of the furnishings. In the common area this table base is made from a cashew tree trunk which gives it a great sculptural surprise.

Uxua Brazilian resort poolThe lovely pool tucked in the lush rainforest vegetation is made up of aventurine quartz, said to have healing properties.

Uxua Brazilian resortThis amazing window was salvaged in the renovation and repurposed in the bathroom of Gulab Mahal casita. It’s so charming with those primitive shapes, I kind of want to frame this shot.

The casitas don’t come cheap. Uxua runs $680 to $1,700 a night including breakfast. I think someone should throw a big, bohemian wedding here, like the one in “Rachel Getting Married.” And please invite me. What do you think?

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