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Design Spy: Garden Week in Virginia

Love snooping around stranger’s homes? Me too!

Monument Avenue Virginia Garden WeekThat’s why you can find me on just about every house tour within a day’s drive. Next week I’m headed to Richmond, Va. for Historic Garden Week in Virginia, one of my favorite annual house tours. Homes are open across the state by the nice ladies of various Virginia Garden Clubs, who act as docents, hosting the tours and providing  historic and design tid-bits, all in their lovely Virginia lilts.

The clever Garden Club ladies know their stuff, always planning garden week to coincide with optimal blooming week each spring. Either that or Mother Nature loves the Garden Club. This year Garden Week in Virginia is being held April 16-April 23. The house above will be shown during the Monument Avenue tour in Richmond on April 20.

I’ll be reporting on Richmond’s April 21 tour of Windsor Farms, one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in the city. More to come…

Do you have a favorite annual house tour? Fill me in! I’d love to hear about it.



  1. Cathy

    I was wondering when you plan to write about your tour of Richmond’s Garden week which you said that you were going to visit yesterday. I was looking for pictures.

  2. culturefix

    Hi Cathy! I’m still in Richmond and hoping to post an update tomorrow.

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