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Eataly Will Have to Do For Now

Until we can get the baby to Italy, Eataly will have to do. The other day we took her to Mario Batali’s new Italian mega-market/restaurant complex, Eataly, in New York’s Flatiron district.

eataly new yorkHere we are in the produce area, which isn’t very Italian but the place is filled with different themed areas for Italian cheeses, cured meats, gelato, fresh pastas, etc.

eataly bread counterHere’s the bread counter, where we picked up a traditional Italian Easter cake to bring to a friend’s Easter party in Richmond.

eataly new yorkMarguerite made some friends at the espresso counter. That’s what’s great about those stand-at-the-counter traditional coffee bars; you’re more likely to chat with your neighbor. She met about four people in 10 minutes. 

eataly wine bar new yorkAnd here’s the busy wine bar area (and charcuterie counter in the background). You can stand at a table with a cheese or meat plate and enjoy your wine.

Overall Eataly is a bit pricey but it’s nicely done and worth a trip for hard-to-find Italian foodstuffs. I overheard several conversations in Italian so that tells me the natives agree.

We’ll take you to Italy one of these days, Marguerite. Promise.

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