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Portugal Beach Vacation at Home

Portugal beach Portugal is on my vacation list. I’ve got to get there. It a land of beautiful beaches, wineries, historic cities and a laid-back lifestyle. Sounds perfect. But until I visit I’ll have to live vicariously through this photo. In general I can’t get enough of aerial beach photography. I just wrote about one recently of Coney Island by a Brooklyn photographer. But this beach offers a bit more to work with. And I love the colorful umbrellas.

It was taken by Christian Chaize, a French photographer who’s become obsessed with a small stretch of the southern Portugease coast. I can see why. He’s taken a whole series of just this very composition but on different days and times of day. Check it out here.

The print’s available through 20 x 200, a great site for affordable art. A 14 x 11 will run you $50.

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