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Calypso for Target Brings St. Barth Style to the Masses

calypso for targetCalypso St. Barth, the brand that brought sheer, beachy tunics to the pastey women of Manhattan is about to go national. Today the Calypso for Target line debuts and, based on the photos I’ve seen, I’m a little disappointed. I’m a fan of the boutique for its pastel, ethnic tops and white AG jeans. It’s a well-edited vacationwear that makes you want to hop on a plane to St. Barths, and the home shop is lovely, too.

The Target  line tops out at $79, which might buy you a t-shirt or half a tunic at a Calypso boutique so that could be part of the reason the Target line is less than exciting. But these dresses look cheap and I don’t see even one cute tunic top. I’ll have to take a look in person to see if anything surprises me. Here are some preview photos after the jump. What do you think?

calypso for targetcalypso for targetcalypso for targetSee the full line at Target. Or see what’s on my Packing List.


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  1. I went in today and you’re right, the women’s stuff is less that impressive BUT I did like a few of the little girl’s stuff. There’s a bubble suit with an elephant design on it that I’m thinking of getting for Nora.

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