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Will Prince William and Kate Middleton Honeymoon in Kenya?

prince william kate middleton engagement lewa safari camp

After the incredible high of Friday’s royal wedding, I can’t believe Prince William and Kate Middleton are postponing the royal honeymoon. Why do people do that? In this case, apparently Prince William has to get back to work. But come on, does he really? Isn’t he a prince – and a duke?! Well I guess William and Kate are playing the role of regular folks for the time being, but the big question is: Where will the newly minted Duke and Duchess of Cambridge go when they finally take off?

Last week I made a few suggestions for the royal honeymoon but it sounds like they didn’t listen. Rumors are circulating that maybe they’ll return to Kenya, where they were engaged. Let’s take a look at that Lewa Safari Camp.prince william kate middleton lewa safari camp

The Lewa Safari Camp is also where William spent part of his gap year before he went to St. Andrews so the place is close to his heart. He’s also said that he loves the anonymity he feels in Africa and has called the continent his second home. (Sorry Scotland). Interestingly, Lewa is owned by the family of his ex-girlfriend Jecca Craig which makes me think it was an odd choice for the engagement trip, but Kate didn’t seem to mind. (Technically the actual proposal happened on Mount Kenya, where William reportedly flew Kate by helicopter from Lewa to a rustic Rutundu cabin, where they stayed for a night before returning to Lewa.)

prince william kate middleton lewa safari camp

But back to Lewa, the camp is run as a non-profit within the 62,000 acre Lewa Wildlife Conservancy. Guests each stay in private thatched-roof tents with porches and en-suite bathrooms (not necessarily a given on a safari) and can take game drives or walks or lounge by the pool. As a non-profit Lewa uses its profits to aid local schools and wildlife programs, which makes sense for the royal lad, who along with his brother, are heavily involved in African charities.

Definitely not the type of luxury you might expect from a man who’s used to the palace life, but maybe Prince William will rent out the entire camp for him and Kate. A four-night stay at Lewa Safari Camp costs $2,923 a person.

What do you think? Would you want to go to the same place you got engaged for your honeymoon?


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