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Best Brunch Courtesy of Brooklyn’s Fatty ‘Cue

Fatty Cue Brooklyn“What would make you want to pay to eat in an alley like that?” I hear you asking. And I get it. It ain’t cute, but damn, Brooklyn’s Fatty ‘Cue is tasty.

Fatty Cue BrooklynExhibit 1: The smoked pig brunch special last Saturday ($16). Two eggs sunny side up over smoked pulled pork, ramps (a sort of green onion/garlic-type green all over New York menus in early spring), house made pickled radishes and white rice. Paired by my husband with a watermelon mimosa.

Fatty Cue BrooklynExhibit 2: Here’s what happens when you mix the eggs around and add some of Fatty ‘Cue’s homemade Sriracha red pepper sauce. Delicious!

The Fatty ‘Cue crew grained recognition for blending Southeast Asian flavors with down-home barbecue and lots of house made ingredients. If you can put up with the alley you’re in for a treat. Or eat inside at this spartan South Williamsburg spot. Either way, you won’t be looking at the decor. You’ll be staring at your empty plateΒ  contemplating seconds.

Best brunch is a series highlighting great brunch spots in New York and beyond. Read more food coverage on CultureFix.


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