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Alexander McQueen Still Haunting Me

I was so completely taken with the new Alexander McQueen exhibit at the Met’s Costume Institute I can’t stop thinking about it. The show, which runs through July 31, 2011, features his incredibly creative clothes – from a straight-jacket-like kimono to butt-crack revealing pants – as well as accessories like a silver, rib-cage breast-plate, eccentric hats from Philip Treacy but best of all are the videos.

The catwalk is where McQueen’s vision really came alive. I walked away with new respect for the way he completely re-thought the catwalk. Forget models simply walking the damn thing. Instead he put models on a life-sized chess board, or used robots to spray-paint a model wearing a white dress, actually creating the dress in front of the audience. How amazing is that?! But the most haunting video was this hologram of Kate Moss at his Fall 2006 show. A hologram, people!

“Savage Beauty” is a must-see show in New York this summer. So far none of the other museums have come up with anything quite to striking and poignant.

To see how the Kate Moss video worked in the context of the room check out this video. So incredible. How I wish I had seen one of his shows…


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