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San Francisco Insider Guide

tina frey
San Francisco designer Tina Frey makes the most amazing resin jewelry. I love her chunky cuff bracelets and bold, pod-shaped beaded necklaces. (She and her dog, Zoe, are wearing them above.) So naturally, I want to know what fuels that creativity. Frey chronicles her travels on her blog, but she also finds inspiration at home. We tapped Frey for a few of her favorite San Francisco spots. And one thing I love about her list is that she not only gives us a great brunch spot, but also place to get a snack while you’re waiting for your table. Genius!

Read Tina Frey’s guide to a lazy San Francisco afternoon after the jump …

Frey put together a solid eat-eat-shop-shop schedule in San Francisco’s far west, Outer Sunset neighborhood. Sounds perfect to me. Here goes:

EAT: Outerlands
“They open at 10 a.m. for brunch on Sundays and it is worth getting there early to put your name down on the list for a table before they open.Β  Yes, it’s that good.” Frey suggests the Dutch pancake with bacon, which looks like an over-sized brioche and sounds amazing. Also pictured is their poached eggs and greens with yellow corn grits and grated parmesan.

EAT: Trouble Coffee
If you’re stuck waiting for a table at Outerlands, Frey suggests heading over to Trouble Coffee and trying their cinnamon toast, which looks like it’s the thick, Texas-toast variety.

trouble coffee san francisco
SHOP: General Store
After you’re adequately full, Frey says to head over to General Store, a collaborative shop with vintage and new items plus a greenhouse in the garden. You can get everything from a slingshot to a Breton top. (I love the leather clutch with horsehair tassel they’re selling, too.)

General Store San Francisco
SHOP: Mollusk Surf Shop
Up next is this incredibly cool surf shop. I wouldn’t have thought to look for art in a surf shop but this place has great posters and an interesting sort of DIY, ’70s vibe to the shop. “I found the space to be really cool and inspiring,” says Frey. Now I’m going to have to check out their Brooklyn branch.

Mullusk Surf Shop
Mullusk Surf Shop San Francisco
Thanks to Tina Frey for her tips. Let me know if you have any to add.

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  1. Carrie, Love the post…heading to the Outside Lands Festival in San Fran in August. Will have to explore some of Tina’s hot spots!

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