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Best Brunch: Brooklyn’s Ted & Honey

&&ted & honey brooklyn
Snuggled right next to a park, this adorable little red cafe is the perfect spot to while away a sunny weekend afternoon. Ted & Honey is in a prime spot in Brooklyn’s lovely brownstone-filled Cobble Hill neighborhood. Here, you order at the counter and they bring your food to you. Or you can get a coffee, sit at their communal table (or at the bar in the front window and read the paper – love that!) As we sat on the patio eating, lots of folks rolled up and ordered their food to go and took it next door to shady Cobble Hill Park to eat.

Ted & Honey Brooklyn
Of course this being Brooklyn, the chef uses locally sourced ingredients, but I’m over that. What’s more notable is that he makes his own ketchup, salsa and various pickled things that he sells in jars on the shelves of the market (also overplayed in Brooklyn, but still cool). But the real headline is his homemade pop tarts filled with strawberry preserves, bananas and chocolate and a variety of other delicious things. Gourmet junk food – what a fun idea! Now if someone could only get the yodel down…

See our meal after the jump …

ted & honey brunch
And now for our meal: I ordered the egg sandwich, naturally. Theirs came with tomato, avocado and I added bacon. They’d run out of baguette so they subbed it with brioche. It’s was pretty solid. The side of cheese grits was the highlight. Scott’s meal, however, was the winner: huevos rancheros. Take a gander at that. (But Ted, time to lose the squiggles, it ain’t 2001 no mo’.)

Ted & Honey huevos rancheros
Have a favorite brunch spot? Let me know about it!

Read about more best brunch spots on CultureFix. Happy eating.


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