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Packing List: Sun Hat to Go

sun hat

I’m fair and freckled and I’ve faced facts: I will not get tan. And sunblock can only do so much when I’m scouring the Brooklyn Flea in the blazing sun or on the deck of a boat in Capri (more on that soon, I promise!) So I always carry a hat, but I don’t always want to wear it all day. That’s why I was so happy to find this awesome, orange sun hat (modeled above by my daughter, Marguerite), San Diego Sun Hat’s large-brim ribbon hat.

It’s cute, has a big brim that can be bent up or down and, best of all it, can be folded up and put in my purse or suitcase and won’t get crushed. So I will never again be caught carrying a straw hat around an airport in January.

See what other genius clothes and accessories are on my Packing List.


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