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Help! What Colors to Paint Our Old House?

home renovationBig news: We’re leaving Brooklyn and returning to Richmond — in a week! We’ll be moving back into our old house with plans to give it a little refresher. Here’s what it looked like before we moved out…

home renovationLiving Room: I’m over the chocolate-brown walls. The kitchen’s tan walls, too. We’re debating painting them both a light gray or white, which I think might help mask the different ceiling heights and the fact that windows and doors are different sizes.

home renovationBedroom 1: The office will become our bedroom. I’ve always hated the dark taupe walls. I think they’re that Ralph Lauren suede finish because they’ve got a rough texture as if sand was in the paint. It must go! Considering gray or sky blue.

home renovationBedroom 2: I still love the deep gray walls in this room. At night the walls seemed to just disappear and I felt like I was sleeping under the night sky. But soon this will be our baby girl’s room so it needs to get a lot sweeter. I love baby blue but I’m even considering a soft pink (although I think that will be less attractive for resale down the line).

home renovation

The Hallway: This mustard-yellow turned out way darker than we’d hoped. It was sort of fun to have the boldness but it always felt a bit too strong. I’m debating a blue-gray but also wondering if we should do white. I want a much simpler interior for all our dark rugs and colorful art, but am a little worried that white will be boring.

What colors do you think we should paint the interiors? I’d love to hear your ideas.



  1. Oh I love this house! how is the colour going? Still keeping the outside a light blue or are you mainly thinking of doing a whole paint over?

  2. culturefix

    Thanks! We don’t love the exterior colors (especially the teal pillars) but we’re keeping that for now. Focusing on the interior colors so we can have them painted before we move in. I’ve ordered sample pots from Farrow and Ball and Benjamin Moore so next post on the house I’ll show those so you can vote!

  3. Susan w.

    Welcome back! Just saw the post via Quirk! I love Cloud White by Ben Moore for what it’s worth. And thanks for that recommendation of Eyes of Rome. Tour guide was terrific. Safe travels and see around the neighborhood soon.

  4. Definitely pink for Miss M. And I’m quite partial to Sherwin William’s “Exciting Orange”. (Our living room!). My go-to neutral is another Sherwin William’s color – “Relaxed Khaki”.
    Can’t wait to come see you all!

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  6. culturefix

    Thanks, Susan. Whites are so tough. There’s too many of them!

  7. Angela

    Lover your house. We are visiting Richmond later this summer (from Brooklyn). Are there places to shop for salvaged home goods and antiques?

  8. culturefix

    Hi Angela,
    Thanks! I have some suggestions (and you’re inspiring me to post about my favorite antique shops in Richmond!) but in the meantime: Sheppard Street Antiques, Bohland & Graham, Kim Faison Antiques. For mid-century: Metro Modern or the weekend flea: Antiques in Manchester. You could try West End Antiques Mall for a huge number of vendors but it’s mostly American Colonial stuff. And Caravatti’s is the local architectural salvage place (but that’s for house parts, not furniture). Enjoy your visit!

  9. Angela

    Thanks for the suggestions Carrie. We will check them out and post any finds on our Brooklyn renovation blog (BTW I mean love the house, not lover the house 🙂

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