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The BEST New York Pizza

best pizza in new yorkI kid you not. This is hands down the best pizza in New York. And I don’t mess around. This is coming from a native New Yorker who considers pizza #1 and #2 on her dessert island list. It’s also coming from someone who just spend nine months of pregnancy seeking out New York’s best pizza. Here’s my daughter, Marguerite, wishing she could dig in to that perfect pie. Here’s why Lucali’s pizza is best:

  • Perfectly thin crust but not too thin that it gets soggy (common problem in gourmet, Neopolitan pizzarias)
  • Good, tangy sauce at just the right amount, not too dry or too wet
  • Cheese perfectly covers pie (lots of Neopolitan places are stingy!)
  • Tons of FRESH basil
  • These are full-size pies. None of that skimpy “personal” size.

The first time we went, Scott and I finished the pie so quickly that we ordered another and scarfed that one down, too. Yes, that’s right, we ate one pie each. And we’d do it again. It’s THAT good.

lucali's pizza brooklynIt’s Lucali’s in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn. You’ll have to put your name on a list and wait as many as two hours on a Friday, but it’s worth it.

lucali's pizza brooklynThe toppings change daily and at $24 a pie, the price is steep… but it’s worth it.

lucali's pizza BrooklynInside it’s like a grandmothers house with old tables and chairs, dim lighting and weak air conditioning – all in a charming sort of way.

new york pizzaOwner Mark Iacono carefully prepares each pie beside his brick oven by candle light. He is the master!Lucali's Pizza Brooklyn



  1. I agree 100%. Lucali is the BEST.

    I grew up right outside of New Haven and I still think Lucali is the best. The wait can be tough but one great quirk at Lucali is that you can go to the door, put your name in, then hit a bar in Carroll Gardens and they’ll call you with enough time to pay your tab and walk over and claim your table.

    Another great quirk? BYOB.


  2. culturefix

    Hey Mike, VERY good point. Totally forgot to mention the BYOB. And yes, we love to grab a drink at Brooklyn Social three streets over on Smith Street while we wait.

  3. I’m not a NYC gal, but I do love me some good pizza! Lucali’s sounds yummy and I love the ambiance of the restaurant. If I ever make it back to Brooklyn, I definitely want to stop by and grab a pizza. I don’t think one can ever tire of pizza.
    Thanks for joining the Best of the USA blog hop this month! I hope you’ll link up again next month. 🙂

  4. culturefix

    It is soooo worth a trip! Really fantastic place. And my husband especially likes that it’s in a real, old-school Italian neighborhood around the corner from Guido’s Funeral Home!

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