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Richmond’s New Contemporary Art Center

VCU ICA Steven Holl

Here’s my newest baby: the VCU ICA, the project I’ve been working on since moving to Richmond almost a year ago. I’m helping Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts (the #1 public art school in the country, did you know?!) on communications for its exciting new art center, the Institute for Contemporary Art, which is planned to open in 2015.

This is a dream come true: working with one of the nation’s leading creative centers on a project that will be transformational for Richmond, it’s art community and the next generation of artists who study at VCU. I’m in heaven. Just LOOK at the place!

The architect, Steven Holl, is brilliant. He designed a thoughtful building with flexible spaces that can be used for all sorts of cutting-edge exhibitions and performances. The idea is that today art takes on a variety of forms and the space needs to allow for experimentation and collaboration across all medium.

Stay tuned! I’ll keep you updated along the way.



  1. I desired to share this specific article, “Richmond’s New Contemporary Art Center” along with my friends on fb.
    I actually only desired to distributed your wonderful writing!
    With thanks, Concepcion

  2. I personally wonder exactly why you branded this particular posting,
    “Richmonds New Contemporary Art Center |” yourhealthandwellnesscoach .
    In any event I loved it!I appreciate it,Chong

  3. culturefix

    Hi Chong,
    Thanks for your reply. I named the post that because the building is being built at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia!

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