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Packing List: Skirt Security with Solid Perfume. Brilliant!

solid perfume

Packing light has become my new obsession. I’m constantly trying to streamline my suitcase with versatile and stylish pieces and clever, carry-on friendly cosmetics. Perfume hasn’t made the cut in my bag lately, but I just discovered this great solid perfume from Tocca at Catbird boutique in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Since it’s not liquid, it won’t take up space in that way-too-small, one-quart zip-lock bag the TSA says we’re allowed for carry-on liquids. It looks like lip balm and the subtly exotic floral notes of the Brigitte scent are perfect for travel and delicate enough so you don’t overpower your aisle-mates on the plane. 

See what other genius clothes and accessories are on my Packing List.

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