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Brazil Resort Photos by Mario Testino

A year ago I wrote about Uxua, a sweet and stylishly rustic resort in Bahia, Brazil started by the former creative director at Diesel. I love these kinds of hotels, where the owner stumbles upon a special pocket of the world, falls in love and just has to share it. Well, Vogue seems to love it, too. Vogue featured Uxua in their July issue with gorgeous photos by Mario Testino. Here’s the spread. Don’t you want to go this weekend?
Uxua BrazilUxua Brazil resortUxua BrazilUxua BrazilUxua BrazilUxua Brazil



  1. Reblogged this on creativeconceptsbyme and commented:
    Very beautiful photos, Mario testing is my favorite photographer, his images are so colorful and bright. I love bright contrast and dramatic photography, the Michael kors photographs he took are even more breathtaking and actually tell their own color story.

  2. culturefix

    I agree, Testino’s shoots are always so dreamy. And Uxua’s the perfect setting. Love the styling, too. A bit of a Bolero feeling thrown in, too.

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