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Artist/Actress Jemima Kirke’s Brooklyn Heights Home

Jemima Kirke HBO GirlsI have a serious girl crush on Jemima Kirke from HBO’s hilarious new series, “Girls.” She plays this totally sexy, bohemian. The kind of girl with amazing vintage clothes, a French boyfriend and beyond-her-years coolness. And turns out in real life she’s kinda badass, too. Kirke’s an artist, mama, and daughter of Bad Company drummer Simon Kirke. Here are few shots taken of Kirke and her daughter, Rafa, in their Brooklyn Heights home. Love that blue rug…
Jemima Kirke

Jemima Kirke Brooklyn

Photos from and Purple.Fr.



  1. culturefix

    I know! I want that photographer to come shoot me and Marguerite. I love the way the light is captured.

  2. culturefix

    So do I!! I’m obsessed! Really dying to come visit you two. Should do it before baby bro arrives late April… also make a trip up here anytime! xo

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