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French Influence in Brooklyn

We just read “Bringing Up Bebe” in my book club and it’s stirring up memories of the French influences on my life when we were new parents in Park Slope, Brooklyn. New York is practically Paris-East; there’s a huge number of French living in the city and in Brooklyn. We felt the influence on our lives,  in the cafe culture, the baguettes and the language spoken on the streets. Here are a few of my favorites… et tu?

Pink Olive Baby Shop

This French-inspired shop has the cutest baby items; charmingly bohemian dresses, knit dolls, art and more. Their “Je T’aime Brooklyn” market totes made a big statement about the local population. And we got Marguerite the sweetest knit cap with bunny ears here.

Cafe Regular du Nord Coffee Shop

Cafe Regular du Nord

In the land of many coffee shops, this was my favorite. So utterly french, with the cafe chairs outside and scant seating inside, a few benches and two great window seats. No wi-fi, no American coffee, just espresso and periodicals. Heaven!
Scott used to strap Marguerite into the Bjorn and walk over there to chat up the funny, aging actresses in their early-morning coffee clutch.  A very Brooklyn experience!

Baby DeeDee Sleepers

Baby Dee Dee sleep nestMy French neighbor Dominique, who saved me from my first-mom-cocoon with a playgroup at her Brownstone, is also an entrepreneur. She invented the Baby Deedee Sleep Nest, adapted from a sleep sack style sold in France. And they are the absolute best. At almost 2, Marguerite still sleeps in one. The snaps are genius and the fabric is amazingly soft. Love love them, and her. Here’s Marguerite at 3 mos. rocking the one with a glow-in-the-dark zipper. Genius!

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