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Best Brunch: The Roosevelt in Richmond, Va.

The Roosevelt Richmond

Tucked in Richmond’s 18th-century Church Hill neighborhood this new tavern serves up solid Southern food. The Roosevelt does a great job of updating the comfort-food trend by starting with traditional Virginia food (sausage gravy, biscuits) and throwing in some trendy ones (kimchi, bacon-vodka) to come up with some new and delicious dishes.

The Roosevelt Richmond

We got cheese grits for Marguerite and ate them so quickly you can’t event see them in this photo. They came in a cute, mini-cast-iron pan. My burger had a fried egg, rooster-sauce mayo and caramelized-onion-and-bacon jam. Yum! Scott’s dish was the best, though. In the background you can see it: fried chicken thighs on top of potato cakes with sausage gravy and a slow-cooked egg with a runny yoke to blend it all together. Great combo of flavors.

The Roosevelt Richmond

Great brunch at The Roosevelt, we’ll be back.

Read about more best brunch spots on CultureFix. Happy eating.



  1. We had the fried chicken thigh this morning too! (plus the ricotta pancakes). My favorite restaurant in Richmond!

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