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Winter Travel Escape to St. Lucia

St. LuciaWith Hurricane Sandy pummeling the East Coast, this seems like just the time to dream about a little winter travel escape to a tropical clime. You’re in luck! My story about a high-end vacation to the Caribbean island of St. Lucia was just published in New York magazine’s 2012 Winter Travel issue.

Here’s why to travel to St. Lucia right now:

The 238-square-mile Caribbean island has never been more welcoming for those with means, now that tax incentives have brought a fresh crop of upscale accommodations, along with better roads and come-hither tourism programs (November is Chocolate Heritage Month). Winter bonus: The Atlantic Rally for Cruisers, the world’s largest transatlantic sailing race, culminates at St. Lucia’s Rodney Bay Marina with events from November 25 through December 22.

In three weeks I’m traveling to St. Lucia again to research a more in-depth feature for Virginia Living magazine. So stay tuned for more!

Read the full St. Lucia story here or read the full Bespoke Getaway Winter Travel feature at


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