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Ode to Anthony Bourdain

Sad night tonight. The last episode of No Reservations aired, chef Anthony Bourdain’s raw and insightful Travel Channel show exploring food and culture around the world. I’ll miss it terribly. Thank you to Tony for showing the Samantha Brown’s of the world what real travel is all about. (Psst, it ain’t Disney cruises, Samantha.)

Here’s a clip of the last episode where Bourdain traveled to foodie meccas in Brooklyn. Perfect coda. (I just knew he was going to hit the new Roberta’s tasting room, Blanca. But no Lucali’s?! Major oversight.)

Luckily, Tony’s new show, The Layover airs Nov. 19. His Amsterdam episode is maybe his finest work yet. Brilliant.



  1. culturefix

    Ha! Couch part’s hard to do! But love that sentiment. He’s just so damn poetic. Modern-day Kerouac.

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