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Eat in the Jungle in Playa del Carmen


Friends of mine just took a kid-free trip to Playa del Carmen, Mexico and asked if I had any suggestions. My family vacations there pretty regularly so I’ve gotten to know the Riviera Maya pretty well. Playa is a great little town with a lot to do but my top recommendation is definitely eat at La Cueva del Chango.

Set in lush vegetation, the restaurant is made up of a series of round cement dining areas covered by palapas with unusual elements like wine bottles forming colored “skylights” through the roofs. The stream running through part of the restaurant means guests have to cross little bridges to get to their table. It’s so very cool!

La_Cueva_del_Chango_Playa_del_Carmen_6.jpgOutside there are various levels all scattered through the jungle. 

cueva-del-chango-poblano-soupWe loved our poblano soup so much that we immediately ordered another one and demanded to meet the chef. The owner came over and chatted us up. He’s doing some pretty creative things with local ingredients. If I remember correctly, this soup had poblanos, pistachios and sour cream.

Apparently they’re known for their brunch. Next time we’re trying that!

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