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Toddler Road Trip Tips?

Marguerite_carseatDon’t be fooled by this adorable grin. The last road trip we took with Marguerite was complete disaster. We borrowed a friend’s DVD player which quickly turned her into a crack addict demanding constant hits of Elmo. She watched right through her afternoon nap. After dinner she demanded bottle after bottle and after a rest-stop run to re-up on milk, she threw up all over herself and passed out. It was 10 p.m.

So naturally we’re a little uneasy about tackling that same 7-hour drive from Richmond to New York again today. This time I have a new approach. We’re skipping the DVD player for iPhone apps and a few new toys. After our road test I’ll share what worked best for this 2-year, 4-month old. Fingers crossed…

Have any suggestions (or prayers) for us?



  1. we do a 4 hour road trip (in opposite directions) to my parents & in-laws houses about once a month. We plan it so that before we go, our son gets to have breakfast, then run around the house and expel tons of energy before we leave. Then we break up the ride by playing, then its snack time, rest stop to stretch our legs, more playing, then he passes out for his 2hr midday nap, then we’re there in time for lunch!

    So, I suggest breaking the trip up with activities/eating/rest stops. 7 hours is a long time though… good luck!

  2. culturefix

    Thanks, Meghan. We debated stopping at the Baltimore aquarium but were making such good time that we pressed on. We made the trip in 6.5 hours. Marguerite refused to nap but it wasn’t that bad since it was daytime. It was a lot worse last time when she wouldn’t sleep at night and was cranky. So we just skipped a nap yesterday. Appreciate the tips!

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