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St. Lucia Travel Tips

My St. Lucia travel story made the cover of Virginia Living‘s March/April 2013 issue! It’s the first time they’ve used a non-Virginia location on the cover so I’m very flattered.


I’ve posted video tours of a villa and shuttle ride at St. Lucia’s Sugar Beach Viceroy Resort so now I thought I’d share some tips from my experience travelling and reporting on the country.

St. Lucia Travel Tips

1. Make sure your hotel has beach access. Not a given in St. Lucia. Many hotels in the south of the country are up in the mountains. That can be okay but be sure you know what you’re getting.

2. Don’t go between June and November during hurricane season. In 2010 Hurricane Tomas wiped out many roads and resorts that the island is still recovering from. Why risk it?

3. Skip the volcano, it’s lame. The “walk-in” volcano is simply a smoldering, sulfur-smelling rocky area. Not worth the time.

4. Train for Gros Piton hike; it’s no joke. If you want to hike the larger Piton mountain know that it’s no leisurely climb. For that – and great views – go to the Tet Paul Nature Trail.

5. Consider scrapping the fish fry, unless you really want local color. Tourists are encouraged to head to Anse La Raye and Gros Islet  for the weekly Fish Friday cookout/street party to boost the economies of these small villages. We appreciated the reality-check and local color but street-cooked fish, giant speakers pumping dub reggae and abject poverty aren’t for everyone.

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  1. islandscene758

    Your tips are interesting – may I share a few counterpoints, coming from an islander?

    1) Beach Hotels are very convenient, this is true. Many of them, however, are located on popular and therefore, crowded beaches. Off-Beach hotels can be relaxing and secluded, and give you an incentive to go exploring & find out what the island is really about.

    2) Hurricanes are definitely serious. But writing off the island for a whole 6 months? Hurricane Tomas was in 2010, and before then our last major storm was Debbie in the late ’90s. That’s 10 years of Junes – Novembers, missing out on Carnival, cheaper airfares, hotel rooms and miles of secluded beachfront! Those who truly know St. Lucia know that we really come to life during the season when nobody is watching!

    3) The Sulphur Springs fumarole is indeed nothing amazing if you’re not a geology buff, but having a bath in the hot springs right outside is a must! The mud that comes out of the springs is chock-full of all sorts of vitamins and minerals that skin loves. You won’t be disappointed.

    I hope you come back to our beautiful island, you’ll be sure to discover something new and delightful every single time.

  2. culturefix

    Thanks so much for your thoughtful reply. Glad to have your point of view, but we had a different experience at the sulfur springs. We visited the sulfur springs down the road from the volcano and didn’t even bother getting in because it was so crowded with tourists. It was also not very picturesque since it’s essentially a cement tub of mud and not the natural-looking spring I was expecting. Is there another one we should have visited instead?

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