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Athens Illuminated by Cool Art Installation


Look at this cool light installation in Athens, Greece. The arts collective BeforeLight came up with a creative way to reinvigorate a dead part of Athens. They put out a call for old lighting fixtures and shades and after a community group restored and waterproofed the fixtures they were installed in an abandoned street in the central Athens neighborhood of Monastiraki.

Here’s a great shot with the Acropolis in the distance.
Athens light installation

Via DesignBoom



  1. Carrie, this is a fabulous post! We lived in Athens last year and heard the project was in the works – so glad to see the final result. I think every city needs a fun, funky street like this. BTW, I love Richmond – used to live there in the Fan! Small world. All the best, Terri

  2. culturefix

    Agreed, Terri! I love public art projects like this one. And how funny you used to live in the fan. It’s a great spot in Richmond.

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