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Trip Report: Traveling with an Infant

By all accounts, 12-month-old Jackson Scarborough was a charm to travel with, taking to Jamaica like a hippie on Spring Break. Smart boy. He just ensured more international travel in his future.

After posting my 5 Tips for Traveling with an Infant, I wanted to offer trip reports on how my friends fared traveling with their infants.

First up, Larry and Emily had a lovely time in Jamaica with their adorable son Jackson (pictured above with daddy Larry).

round hill jamaicaTheir secret: Staying at Round Hill, a family-friendly luxury resort in Montego Bay, Jamaica. They cleverly used the resort’s babysitters during Jackson’s nap time, for some adult QT on the beach, and in the evenings so they could go to dinner on the resort. Emily says they weren’t worried using strange sitters since mommy and daddy were close by (and I’ll bet those feelings would wash away pretty quickly after a few frozen cocktails).

The drawbacks: They never ventured off the resort. The one catch here is that you’d have to be happy with a leisurely beach vacation with all meals on the resort but take one look at the Ralph-Lauren-designed Round Hill and I think you’ll agree that this is no hardship. (Also this is advisable in Jamaica, where even the aforementioned Spring Breakers are told to stay on resort property for their safety.)

Smart Tip: The Scarborough’s were smart to travel in Spring “shoulder season” for more affordable rates at a luxury resort.

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