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Modern Vacation Home in the Woods

 We spent Memorial Day visiting our friends’ new vacation home in Scottsville, Virginia. Katie and Danny are architects and they collaborated with another friend on the design of this awesome, modern vacation home on the James River. The mini-compound is made up of a series of three, black cubes. It’s pretty dramatic when they appear before you in the woods.
We arrived on one of their first overnights in the home, so excuse the boxes in these photos, they’re still unpacking. I just thought it was so beautifully understated and really smartly designed that I had to share. What do you think? Don’t you want one, too?
 modern vacation home
The “fire pit” was built into the back of the house so smoke blows up the chimney, not all over everyone trying to make their s’mores.
modern vacation home
The central structure contains the living spaces and the left-hand building has the guest quarters. The buildings are linked with a deck overlooking the woods, which makes you feel like you’re in a tree house. And I love the idea of separating the spaces to give everyone more privacy.
modern vacation home
These huge, amazing, sliding-glass doors make up one wall in the central structure.
modern vacation home
Here’s the main living space looking towards the kitchen (above) and the living room (below). Notice, no fridge (it’s hiding in the pantry) and that smart stove vent in the ceiling eliminates the need for a big range hood.
modern vacation house
Katie’s got a great sense of style. This home’s still a work in progress but love the Moroccan-inspired rug from West Elm and those awesome leather chairs from Blu Dot. The white-washed, horizontal, wood-plank walls give the place a warm,  modern-cabin vibe.
And here’s Marguerite with our friend, Molly, enjoying the James River just down from the house. Relaxing with friends in the woods was a fantastic way to spend Memorial Day. Thanks Katie and Danny! We can’t wait to come back (hint, hint).
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  1. Since we have a home in the woods as well, I can really appreciate taking advantage of the surroundings. And the James River is beautiful. I like the built-in campfire. 🙂 Curt

  2. culturefix

    Unfortunately they’re not renting it but the owners say they’re available to design one for you ; )

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