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JJ’s Baby Shower

This spring my friends threw me a sweet baby shower. Since I already had a lot of gear (and hand-me-down clothes from my brother’s kids), I just asked for diapers or second-hand stuff but really the best gift was just having an afternoon with girlfriends. They organized a nice little “game” where cards were given out with questions on them like “What’s your favorite memory of your father?” or “What’s your favorite family tradition?” and everyone shared their answers. It was great to share experiences and we all learned a little something about each other.

They did a fantastic job with the food and decorations, too. Here are some shots.

baby boy showerThe blue heart motif appeared on the invites and cake, too.

IMG_1744I loved the onesie garland with alternating mustache and bow tie so much that we even hung it over the changing table.

baby boy showerMy friend Susan baked that beautiful cake and even made homemade mayonnaise for the chicken-salad sandwiches. So decadent!

baby boy showerThe West Elm tray is a great way to turn any table into a bar. (I’ve got one holding remotes on my coffee table. They’re endlessly useful.)

baby boy showerwThe hostess’ blue-and-white decor made for the perfect setting, too.

Thanks, everyone! I felt very loved : )

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