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Family Travel to Irvington, Virginia

irvington_vaWe spent last weekend at the Tides Inn in Irvington, Virginia. It’s a tiny speck of a town on the Rappahannock River in Virginia’s Northern Neck, a peninsula that juts out into the Chesapeake Bay. The resort is small and sweet with amazing views across Carter’s Creek complete with geese flying overhead in Vs and sailboats gliding by. (There’s the resort below, waaay in the distance, taken from the water.)

irvington_vaWe’d traveled with JJ before to visit family but this was our first hotel stay with him, now almost 6 months. The Tides proved to be just the right speed for us. Marguerite swam in the pool while JJ napped (and mom & dad enjoyed frozen cocktails) on the unseasonably warm Friday in October. At one-hour long, the creek cruise before dinner was just the right length for Marguerite’s almost-3-year-old attention span. On Saturday after a leisurely brunch on the patio and lawn games we biked into the surprisingly big farmers’ market in Irvington (The Tides had a fleet of bikes – some with baby seats – and helmets). In town, Scott excitedly bought a $5 raffle ticket to win a refinished wooden “dead rise” boat, a local type of boat able to navigate the shallow waters in the area. We hit a few sidewalk sales and a totally cute church bazaar then grabbed a Panini at the town’s only cafe, The Local.



irvington_vairvington_vairvington_vaWe’ve been debating traveling internationally with the kids so this trip was a perfect test run. The verdict: Lets wait. While the baby can nap on the go, in his stroller or a baby carrier, our 3-year-old still needs an afternoon nap and after missing hers on Friday really needed it on Saturday. We decided that if we were to travel to Europe the need for naps would limit us too much. It might be better to go once they can both go without naps or at least once they’re both on the same napping schedule. In the meantime, resort vacations like this one and our trip to The Maidstone in East Hampton (when Marguerite was 8 mos.) are easier to pull off and more relaxing for everyone. Aside from lots of activities on the resort or nearby, the key is to have a restaurant on-site so you can get the kiddies to sleep easily after dinner. Or if you’re lucky, have a room close enough to the restaurant that you can put the kids to bed and go to dinner with the baby monitor (instead of them) like we did at The Maidstone.irvington_va


Taken the family to any great small resorts or inns you’d recommend? I’d love to hear.

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