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Architectural Photography in Modern Rooms

We could use a little more elbow room in our cramped, little house, but watching Downton Abbey always makes me think of how lonely life must have been in those big, cavernous estates in the country. Photographer Massimo Listri captures that feeling in his photographs, like this one of the Palazzo Altemps in Rome below and the Palazzo Reale III in Stockholm (great floor!) below that.massimo-listri-for-yatzer-24

massimo-listri-for-yatzer-21I’m always drawn to these type of architectural shots. They’re like peeking into another dimension. And I like the idea of a super-grand room hanging in our not-so-grand home. Below, one hangs in a room designed by Markham Roberts, and below that, a shot by Candida Höfer in Frederic Fakkai’s dining room.

markham roberts dining roomFrederic-fekkai-duplex-homes

An affordable one from Society6 ($15!).

Also, Italian photographer Massimo Vitali’s aerial beach shots.


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