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Packing List: Versatile Summer Sandals

20140605-112753-41273400.jpgI’m a sucker for anything multi-purpose like an oversized scarf that can double as a sarong on the beach. So I was immediately drawn to the cleverness of these convertible Sseko sandals. Even better: the company helps support and educate women in Africa with each sale. The soles, straps and accessories are all sold separately so you can choose your own color combos, then tie them in any number of ways. (They have tutorials and videos on their site.) So I’m thinking maybe this might help me winnow down my always-too-many pairs of shoes packed… at least for the summer.sseko_sandals

Also crushing on these minimal, gold sandals and absolutely everybody is wearing these right now. But can I go Birk again? Not sure. What about you?

[Thanks to Live Love LA for the inspiration.]




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