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Moments From Our Month

Happy 4th of July! We’re growing up quickly over here. Life is busy busy busy with these two kiddies. Now that JJ is moving and communicating (though not really talking yet) we feel more like a family and less like a couple with babies in tow. That’s been the biggest transition for us. We do more kid-focused things and less hanging out at coffee shops, though we usually make it out to Richmond festivals. Marguerite continues to amaze us with her patience and love for her brother, and JJ is a little comedian and budding musician (he can even grove to the easy listening piping in to the grocery store!). Here are some favorite moments from our month around town.

20140704-112657-41217545.jpgMarguerite wanted to make an American flag to cheer on Team USA in the World Cup.


20140704-111032-40232684.jpgJJ with one of the new murals in our neighborhood from the Richmond Mural Project.

20140704-111523-40523449.jpgWe love homemade pizza night. This time we cheated and used Trader Joe’s pre-made dough. I snuck some broccoli on and Marguerite added the smiley face.

20140704-111033-40233017.jpgJJ and I at the Build a Better Block festival in Richmond’s Church Hill neighborhood. (Love my new Warby Parker prescription sunglasses!)

20140704-111033-40233316.jpgScott and I snuck out for a date that started with amazing cocktails at Belmont Food Shop, complete with homemade tonic. Craft cocktails are  hitting Richmond hard right now.

20140704-111033-40233649.jpgAfterwards we went to the top of city hall and caught this sunset view of Richmond with the beautiful, gothic executive office building in the foreground and Thomas Jefferson-designed Virginia state capitol in white to the right.

20140704-111523-40523616.jpgThis amazing mural by the Poland-based Etam Cru is two blocks from my office and recently landed on a Buzzfeed list of the Best Street Art in the World.

20140704-113344-41624594.jpgWe finally gave in and got a double stroller and I’m so glad. Now we can get some exercise. Here’s Scott on an early morning walk around Byrd Park.


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