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5 Facts About Global Tourism in 2014

tourists eiffel tower

4 most-visited countries in the world: France, U.S., China and Spain
9.5 percent  – tourism’s piece of the global economy
70 percent –  of the world’s people need to go to an embassy to visit another country
69 – number of airports currently being built in China so that soon no Chinese person will live more than 90 minutes from an airport
100 million – number of Chinese tourists in the world (predicted to double by the year 2020)

Pretty amazing to think about the power the Chinese will be wielding, right?

Via a New York Times interview with David Scowsill, president and chief executive of the World Travel and Tourism Council. Photo by Laurent Scheinfelt.



  1. Pretty amazing figures for Spain. I would have never guessed that it is one of the top four tourist locations. –Curt

  2. culturefix

    I totally agree! I thought Italy would have more tourists.

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