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Crunch Dynasty Launch Party (with Chinese Tea Eggs!)


You might remember, I’ve been helping my friends John and Anya launch a new “crunchy spiced topping” called Crunch Dynasty. It’s been such a fun project because there’s so much heart in it. Anya’s Chinese mom created the recipe and it’s been a staple on her table, adding spice and crunch to nearly everything she’s made over the years. After constantly being asked by friends for samples of “that crunchy spicy stuff,” Anya and her husband, John, decided to bring Crunch to the world. How cool is that? I love their vision and ambition.

Last month they hosted a launch party for some friends, family, a few Richmond chefs and writers. The idea was to showcase the East-West applications of Crunch and they did an amazing job – everything from oysters to Chinese noodles to grilled lollipop lamb chops came alive with Crunch. Theย  invites and Chinese-newspaper table settings, set the tone for what was definitely a “mouth party.”ย  My absolute favorite thing was the Marinated Chinese Tea Eggs. I think I may have had at least a dozen.

My photos don’t do it justice, but the party was featured on Broad Appetit, a great Richmond-based food blog, and inย  R.Home magazine with beautiful photos by Fred Turko and recipes. I will definitely be making those tea eggs!








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  1. I have never met a deviled egg I didn’t like. Add that to my love of hot stuff and woohoo! I’m jealous. ๐Ÿ™‚ โ€“Curt

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